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Reasons Against Homework

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Why it should be banned

-creates stress to have to hand it in on time
-often needs computers which not everyone has
-often takes long to complete
-limits leisure time
-makes you stay up late
-makes you cranky in the morning after not much sleep
-pressure to comlete it in time limit
-no teacher to help you
-over an hour of solitude if you do it in your bedroom
-distracting house and inhabitants around
-rarely any peace and quiet in which to work in
-you can't go out with your friends because
a)if you leave it till later you're up all night
b)if you do it and then go out its already dark
-you could be cleaning up garbage from your pavement instead or helping the environment
-you could look after your pets better
-you could get a job and earn a little cash which also gives you job experience at a young age which homework obviously doesn't
-people from state schools get way less
-people from state schools gloat about your amount of homework
-ignorant outsiders think your a keener if you are always doing homework
-different groups get different amounts
-its ruins your social life
-creates ill-feeling
-you feel guilty if you don't do it
-if we don't have it teachers will have less marking
-plus I think its fair to say that the majoraty of people hate it

Against Homework * SHWUD * Redland High School * Established 02/02/05