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Members Page
Reasons Against Exams
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Our Purpose
Reasons Against H/W
Members Page

We hope to use this page to keep members updated on each other and on the latest happenings within the organization.

Member Information

For now we must keep doing our homework at a good standard. Though being good little girls for the moment, you can still express your feelings against homework to your teachers in a polite way. If you happen to be a Form Rep then don't forget to mention the scandelous amounts of homework that we have in your meetings with Dr Weeks.

Good luck!

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Recent Events

My friend tells me she may give out petitions to classes so look forward to them if she decides to!
If you are interested in creating a petition against homework for people to sign then don't forget to pass it around room 14 because many people in there are willing to sign!

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

Against Homework * SHWUD * Redland High School * Established 02/02/05